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About Us...


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better...

Our names are Ally & Chrissy & we have lived in the Quinte West area most of our lives.


We both grew up rurally & have remained close friends for over 40 years. We were each raised with 2 older brothers & both our parents have now been married for (well over) 50 years.


Our upbringings provided us with firm family values and a great sense of community that remains strong to this day.


As Loyalist graduates & with a history in the human services fields, we wanted to offer our community a service that caters to seniors, and to their adult us. 

We can directly relate to the developing/ongoing concerns of the baby boomer generation. 


Our parents, like most baby boomers are self reliant, confident, independent and make up their own minds in determining what is most valuable & significant to them...& we couldn't agree more... 


Their independence is important.

Their sense of family, community and religion is important.

Their health & safety is important.

Their need to remain active is important.

Their need to "not feel / be a burden" is important to them.


Now, most recently with the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an even greater concern for how seniors will safely attend medical appointments, obtain their needed groceries/supplies, and maintain as active (physically & socially) as possible.











Our commitment to providing a more personal & customized approach is important to us & we hope to provide an opportunity to help families "fill in the gaps" for seniors in our community who:

-live alone

-no longer drive

-have mobility/respiratory issues

-have busy/active children/families/loved ones

-require one-to-one support to appointments

-appreciate a personalized & consistent service 

-value a business that is locally owned & can be customized to your schedule 

We look forward to continuing this journey & helping ease the hearts & minds of the seniors (& their families) of our community.

- Ally & Chrissy

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