As concerned daughters, we have recently become more aware that although our parents are young hearted & active, there are certain errands, odd jobs & tasks that are becoming more challenging  to do safely or without being too tiring/taxing.

Carrying heavy grocery bags isn't easy, especially with any mobility or health concerns. 


We have supported people professionally to medical appointments, physiotherapy & day surgeries in and out of town.

 It's important to know there is someone there waiting with you, for you, to arrive and return you home safely.    

We are knowledgeable of the Health & Safety Act and have also had extensive medical & pandemic training...this was a big part of our professional careers, as Social & Developmental Service Workers.

Although we are not providing medical services,

we do have a very keen eye for changes in peoples' personal well-being & health.

If we are concerned about something or someone,

we address our concerns immediately 

On a  more personal note, Allow Us... to share a little  more about ourselves...


We have been very good friends for over 40 years.

We are light hearted girls who like to laugh & joke with people...& we try not to take life too seriously.


We both graduated from Loyalist College, where we specialized in human services, and have over 35 years experience combined, supporting seniors & people with disabilities.  

We have excellent relationships with our parents,

and a strong network of friends & work colleagues.


About Us...

   Throughout our lives, we've been introduced to the importance of community, friendship, and strong family values.

Our parents taught by example, worked hard, played hard & dedicated time to churches, groups and organizations within our community.  Our parents continue to have very active lives & we strongly feel that their continued independence is the result of having happy, thriving social lives, and just a little bit of help, now and then.

  We provide a personalized service, designed to make life just a little bit easier

(and less stressful) for the seniors in our communities, while promoting independence and friendship...having fun is also pretty high on our priority list. 

We look forward to this new adventure, meeting new people, and all the wonderful possibilities.







- Ally & Chrissy

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