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Allow Us...To help make a great day with family & friends...

Friendly & outgoing, 

we offer personalized 

transportation services throughout Quinte West


surrounding areas.

We are up for any opportunity

to promote fun, inclusion


time spent with family & friends. 

**While social gatherings are currently on hold, we look forward to a hopeful new year...until then, we will put all social activities on the back burner until it's safe to make plans- Thank you for your understanding! ** 


Catching up with friends

We make it


to plan a fun time

out with friends 

(Then split on a REDUCED RATE!!)

Contact us

for more information!  


Shopping with a friend

Senior Yoga Class

 or join weekly exercise classes...

Two Men Fishing
Pool Side

...Meet friends at the local pool...

Family Lunch

Transportation to family dinners & celebrations...

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