In the presence of Covid 19, running errands and purchasing groceries can be a scary, daunting (and risky) necessity for many people. 

Concern and worry for yourself, or a loved one (especially with health concerns or mobility issues) is something we can personally relate to.


We both have had extensive training in Pandemic Measures throughout our professional careers. Allow help you through this challenging time.


 How it works... 

* We take/help you with your list (via phone call, email, etc)

* We then travel to the grocery/store of your choosing

* We purchase your needed items

* We then deliver your supplies safely to your door (at a pre-arranged time)

* You reimburse us (with a small fee) for your supplies using cash, cheque,          debt or credit card

*You are given your original sales receipt from store, and a receipt from us, for    the service provided...


It's that easy! 



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